Stephanie Saputo has been working in the hospitality industry since she was 19 years old. “I attended Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a major in Culinary Arts. Most of my experience has been with hotels. I worked in Asheville, NC for four years, working almost every front of house position until settling as a lounge bartender for the last two years of employment. In 2013, I moved to Pittsburgh, PA where I bartended and also managed cruises and weddings on the local riverboat fleet. In my spare time I worked as a prep cook, and server for a catering company. After moving to Atlanta in 2016, I took over the bar program where I created menu cocktails, completed orders and inventory, and trained staff. In September of 2017 I accepted the bartender position at an upscale steakhouse, where I am still currently employed. I have also completed the BarSmarts and BarSmarts Advanced courses, as well as Tequila CRT, TIPS, and GreenDot.”

When did Stephanie fall in love with the work? “I became passionate about the spirits industry specifically in 2015. I was hired as a server initially, with part-time bar shifts, but when I was going through the bar training I knew that I belonged behind the bar full-time. The hotel was opening a prohibition-era themed cocktail bar. The craft cocktail scene hadn’t really entered Asheville before I departed, and while I knew of the basic classics for our guests at the Inn, I didn’t know the history or the inspiration behind any of it. Our in-depth training on why we stir, why we shake—the nerdy side of bartending immediately captured me. With the help of a friend who had been submerged in this lifestyle for some time already, I found out about USBG, and later, things like BarSmarts and Camp Runamok—both of which fueled my nerdy interests and allowed me to make connections with fantastic humans across the globe.”

She continues, “I love that the industry is evolving into a space where we are nurturing each other to be our best selves. Wanting the early bartenders to become inspired and excited about what they do keeps me wanting to be involved and continue being an example of what we want to see in the hospitality industry. I love that there is always more to learn about in this industry, there’s always room to grow, and that education is being encouraged and provided by others.”

Stephanie remembers her initial experiences with Angel’s Envy very well. “I was first introduced in 2015 when it was displayed on our back bar. Pittsburgh in general was excited about the product because it was something a little different, and also delicious. The bottle was gorgeous, and it came from someone who was an icon in the heart of Bourbon Country. It was easy to fall in love with. I had an experience in Spring of 2016 as well, when Angel’s Envy threw a brunch for the bartenders of Camp Runamok.”

When she’s not pouring drinks or representing Angel’s Envy, Stephanie enjoys life’s quieter moments. “I have two dogs and a boyfriend of ten years at home. I love spending time with them, whether it’s going on nature adventures or snuggling and watching movies. I love meet-ups with my lady friends, doing yoga, or trying new restaurants. My sister lives in California, so I try to make it out there at least once a year. I also have been working with a friend on her project to create and provide gardening plots for people in the industry.” Look for Stephanie at Atlanta Angel’s Envy events and be sure to introduce yourself—she makes an excellent cocktail.