DONATION requests

Thank you so much for your interest in an Angel’s Envy donation! We understand the importance of philanthropy and we continue to donate as much as we can to nonprofits and charitable events throughout the year.

Please read our policies prior to submitting your donation request to be sure your organization meets our criteria for consideration.

· Angel’s Envy offers donations to distillery-local organizations only. We aim to keep donations as local as possible — within a 100-mile radius of Louisville, KY. Additionally, at this time, we can only mail tour vouchers. All other donations must be picked up at the distillery (500 East Main St. Louisville, KY 40206).

· Due to corporate policies, Angel’s Envy cannot participate or donate to the following activities or organizations:

· Organizations must provide proof of 501c3 status – must not be a 3rd party organization donating to another. We will be happy to consider donating to the organization directly.

· We do ask that all requests should be submitted at least 2 months prior to the event or fundraiser to be considered.

If your organization and donation request meet the above criteria, please complete the form below. We will consider your request and respond at our earliest opportunity. Thank you again for thinking of Angel’s Envy!