Limited Release

Angel’s Envy Rye Whiskey Finished in Ice Cider Casks

Three hundred and sixty-four days. That’s how long our rye whiskey waited in Ice Cider Casks, mingling with the oak until it got a perfect, crisp apple finish. This rare spirit grabs your attention with bold peppery and cinnamon notes, and then soothes your tastebuds with a sweet finish of brown sugar, apple and warm oaky undertones. This perfect winter whiskey is our first rye Cellar Collection release and is available for a limited time.



Our Rye whiskey was aged exactly three hundred and sixty-four days in ice cider casks. The result – a perfect wintery whiskey.

  • NOSE

    Caramel candy apple and toasted oak, with faint notes of nuttiness and cinnamon


    Bold peppery and cinnamon notes accompanied by vanilla, ripe apple, toffee and butterscotch


    A long finish that transitions from spicy to sweet, with notes of brown sugar, apple and hints of earthiness and oak

Sweet brown sugar, apple and warm oaky undertones make the perfect finish four our first Rye Cellar Collection release.


Creating a Masterpiece

We’re restless creators who respect and celebrate the bourbon tradition, but try not to shackle ourselves to it. We approach each spirit that we finish with a craftman’s passion to experiment and improve.