Our whiskey

Signature series

A selection of American Whiskeys elevated with our signature secondary barrel finishes, delivering new levels of flavor and nuance.

Our whiskey

Limited releases

Journey into our cellar of curiosities; where we feel free to push the boundaries of finishing in search of new and unexpected flavors.

the ratings are in

  • “Dangerously Drinkable”
    – Whiskey Advocate
  • “5 Stars, Highest Recommendation”
    – Spirit Journal
  • “98 Points”
    – Wine Enthusiast

Our Story

Refining 200 years of whiskey tradition

“I’m proud of most of my work, but Angel’s Envy was something really special. Everything came together perfectly and we knew we had an incredible spirit on our hands. The opportunity to work with my family let us try some really exciting things, things I’d always wanted to do. We’re just happy that people seem to like us.”

– Lincoln Henderson

Our Process

It's not perfect until it's finished

Some people might say we have a problem when they hear that we personally sample each barrel of Angel’s Envy throughout every step of the finishing process. We agree. We’re raging perfectionists.