There’s a lot of debate about the best way to enjoy bourbon. Many people insist on neat or on the rocks, while some folks are devoted to cocktails. Since we spend a lot of time with spirits, we’re always open to new approaches and flavors. As malcontents, we respect tradition but we’re always interested in trying something new. One of the latest areas of exploration has been beer pairings, and we’re totally on board. While we may devote our days to making whiskey, we always appreciate a good beer—especially when it complements the flavor notes and complexity of ANGEL’S ENVY. A beer and a shot may not seem new, but the idea of enjoying the two together (slowly) and unlocking the unique flavors that the two bring out in each other is. Also, we’ve been having a lot of fun with the research.

The craft beer scene is exploding, and we encourage you to try Angel’s Envy with any number of different local beers. Here’s a quick guide on three types of beer we enjoy with Angel’s Envy to help you get started.


We like to start our pairings with a nice, accessible beer, and pilsners fit the bill perfectly. Pilsners originated in the Czech Republic city of Plzen in 1842. They’re typically light, easy-drinking, enjoyable lagers with a crisp, clean flavor and little complexity. As you taste a pilsner with Angel’s Envy, you’ll typically notice a strong vanilla sweetness followed by faint port notes, but the finish is all caramel.


If you’re a fan of IPAs, you’re in luck. They’re incredibly popular right now, so you’ll have a lot of variety when picking out a beer to pair with our whiskey. While IPAs today are characterized by a hop heavy flavor, traditional English IPAs in the 1800s weren’t much hoppier than other types of beers at the time. IPAs can be surprising when you pair them with bourbon. It’s hard to tell what you’re going to get in terms of flavor, but it’s almost always worth trying. Depending on what beer you pick, you can discover some surprising flavor notes—like grassiness and grapefruit. It’s definitely a type of beer pairing that you’ll want to explore.


We usually try to devote our third pairing to dessert options, and porters are a perfect choice. Porters originated in London and were first recorded sometime during the 1700s. When you try one, you’ll usually notice the dark chocolate and espresso flavors with a surprisingly clean finish. And (unsurprisingly) they tend to pair excellently with Angel’s Envy. When you sip our whiskey after the beer, you’ll often notice a honey sweetness and a warm finish. Go back to the beer and you’ll typically experience bread notes with a warm, malty finish. It’s a very nice pairing, and a wonderful way to end your night.

Let us know what beer you enjoy with Angel’s Envy, and we’ll check it out. Cheers!