Before settling into Tampa, Scooby traveled throughout his life. “I went to seven schools before I landed in Tampa, where I attended school for more than a year or so. While attending high school I was dual enrolled at U.S.F in their art program. After graduating high school, I briefly went to U.C.F. It didn’t take long for me to realize that I preferred people over the classroom. Since then, I’ve done a lot in my life, working as a tattoo artist, in construction and just about every position in the hospitality industry. My last three jobs have been fully focused on the bar though, and I’ve previously worked as bar manager.”

Scooby explains how he first got involved in the industry, and why he’s decided to stay. “While cooking and working behind the bar, I learned a lot and befriended as many people as possible. Honestly, I found it to be my passion, so I just pursued it. The constant evolution and history of our industry are what keep me involved. My favorite part of the industry would be the amazing people that we meet and have the opportunity to work with on a daily basis.”

He still remembers the first time he was introduced to Angel’s Envy. “I was first introduced to Angels Envy in 2013 by another Whiskey Guardian who was a huge advocate of the brand. I’d never seen or tasted anything like it before, I thought it was great, and to have someone with the brand who was that passionate made it more than just another whiskey. It really gave it a true identity and life of its own.”

Outside of work, Scooby takes full advantage of living in Florida with his family. “I enjoy cycling, surfing, paddle boarding and almost anything outdoors, really. I really love spending time with my daughter as well. I can’t wait to teach her everything I know.” Look for Scooby at Angel’s Envy events around Tampa, and he’ll be happy to teach you everything he knows about whiskey.