Ryan describes himself as having always been in the hospitality industry. “My dad owned a craft beer and wine bar when I was in high school and I would go and help him (legally) whenever he needed. I realized then how intriguing the hospitality industry was and wanted to pursue a job as a bartender, and the rest, as they say, is history.”

One of the things that keeps Ryan so engaged in the industry is the United States Bartenders’ Guild. “I love the USBG; it is what really got me serious about this as a profession into hospitality, loving to learn about spirits and spreading education to others. It also keeps my drive up, from learning new things to then taking that knowledge into the world and making it my own. Personally, I love teaching others what I’ve learned—that’s the best part—helping others along where I once was and to see them enjoying it like I did/do.”

Personally, I love teaching others what I’ve learned—that’s the best part

Like so many of us, Ryan was introduced to Angel’s Envy by a friend. “I first discovered Angel’s Envy a few years ago when my friend Chris was working for them. He showed me his passion and taught me the history and it was all over from there, I was hooked on the stuff.”

While Ryan is serious about his work, he’s equally serious about his downtime. “I love to relax and enjoy the smaller things in life. I’m in a very fast paced industry and don’t take downtime for granted. It could be exercising, drawing, going to the beach, getting a tattoo, and just spending time with my lovely girlfriend binge watching Netflix and cooking a nice dinner.” Look for Ryan at Tampa and St. Petersburg Angel’s Envy events and be sure to introduce yourself. You just might learn something interesting.