Jane Fishel moved from Omaha to Savannah when she was 16 to help her family open a restaurant. The bar focused on classic cocktails, and Jane was intrigued. At 21, she began working as a cocktail waitress in San Francisco, but eventually moved to New York City to attend school. At that time, the cocktail revival had just started to make its way to NYC. “My nights behind the bar would consist of pouring Sambuca and making Appletinis for Johnny Flatts and his wife, and making Negronis and rye Manhattans for the Williamsburg hipsters. It was an amazing atmosphere to work in.”

After graduating from SAE, she worked as a studio manager at a post production studio for a while, but eventually she moved back to Savannah to help her sister open a craft cocktail bar. She’s never looked back. “Working in the food and beverage industry is one of the hardest, most stressful and time consuming jobs. But I love that the industry is a family. If I go to San Francisco, someone will give me a list of bars I should go and check out. If I go to Houston, I’ll have a list of bartenders I should go introduce myself to. The spirits industry is an ever-growing family.”

Jane first tried ANGEL’S ENVY at her current job. “I took it upon myself to taste all of the unfamiliar spirits that we had behind the bar. I tasted it neat, and to me, it was like drinking a Manhattan. I remember saying that the boldness of it stood out so much alone that it didn’t need to be mixed with anything at all. Then I mixed some into a Manhattan. It was absolutely delicious.”

When she’s not tending bar or representing Angel’s Envy, Jane’s spare time is still spent in the industry. “I have a small bitters company called The SAVoy Society. I make bitters, shrubs, tinctures and syrups for bars and restaurants in Savannah, and for a few retail stores. I also co-host a monthly pop-up dinner with my boyfriend and our friend. He cooks and we pair the cocktails and wine.” Stop by any Angel’s Envy event in Savannah for your chance to meet Jane. She’ll be happy to talk whiskey with you.