Daniel had always planned to find his way behind the bar. “Prior to my bartending career, I was a practicing attorney for nearly eight years. It was my dream to bartend after my legal career ended, but I accelerated that plan by more than a few years when I had the opportunity to make the jump from one bar to another in 2014. I have never looked back.”

What made Daniel want to switch professions? “I love that every day in this business still brings something different than the day before or after. We get to see so many people and each one of those people is at our bar for their own different reasons. We also have opportunities to reach out and meet people all over thanks to our shared passion for spirits and hospitality, which is so different than any other profession I have experienced.”

While his first experience with Angel’s Envy was work related, it made an impression. “I remember first tasting Angel’s Envy when we brought it into our bar back in 2016, and I was completely wowed. It was unlike any bourbon I had ever tried at that point in my career, and the unique flavor imparted from the finishing process was a big hit for me. It became one of the few whiskeys that I kept at home for myself and also my go-to whiskey for guests who wanted to try new bourbons.”

When he’s not working, Daniel has a few other passions he likes to explore. “I try to keep up a solid running schedule when my work and knees allow for it. I love music more than almost anything, and while I don’t perform as much as I used to, I still make a point to see shows as much as I can. I also am an occasional curler and cricketer; my friends have said I’m their “obscure sports” guy.” Look for Daniel at Angel’s Envy events in and around Rochester and be sure to introduce yourself. He’s a good man to know.