Some people need time to find themselves and what they really want to do in life. They might need to work an office job to realize that’s not the life for them. That wasn’t the case for Nicole. “I started working in the food and beverage industry during high school and haven’t really looked back since. I started working as a dishwasher at a local restaurant and I moved up the ranks steadily, ultimately landing behind the bar. I did go to art school after high school to focus on traditional photography, and I took a brief hiatus to pursue a career in that field. But I quickly realized that my heart belonged in the restaurant industry. I have spent the past five years managing beverage programs and consulting for bars and restaurants.”

So what is it about the industry that draws Nicole in? “I love being a mentor to a younger generation of upcoming food and beverage industry professionals. This industry is forever evolving, and I love being challenged. I feel lucky to work in a field that allows me to be continuously learning new things. Most of all, I love being a part of people’s celebrations and having the opportunity to make someone’s day extra special. It brings me so much joy!”

Her initial experience with Angel’s Envy started off a little superficially. “My very first impression of Angel’s Envy was the packaging. I loved everything about it, and then once I tasted it I was so impressed. Angel’s Envy completely lived up to its sleek design. It is a one of a kind product, easy to work with when creating cocktails, but also has the body and flavor profile to stand alone.”

When she’s not managing a bar or representing Angel’s Envy, she pursues a dangerously spicy habit. “I have an unhealthy obsession with Sichuan food and sometimes eat it three times a week. I just love those Sichuan pepper corns. I love traveling and like to spend as much time as I can exploring new cities with my husband. I also love to shake my booty as often as possible, and being married to a DJ makes that really easy for me. Although I didn’t become a professional photographer like I had once considered, I still enjoy taking photos. But more than anything I love spending time with my dog, Josie.” Look for Nicole at Pittsburgh Angel’s Envy events, and be sure to try one of her exceptional cocktails. She’s spent years perfecting her craft.