Aidan started in the restaurant industry at the tender age of 15, working as a dishwasher. From there, he progressed, “Eventually I moved on to bar-back, waiter, and finally to bartender. I worked behind the bar throughout university, where I studied theatre—which made for a great match. I completed my undergrad and several years later decided to move to Montreal.”

He explains his interest in hospitality work, “I got involved in the spirits industry because I have a huge passion for learning and educating. I love the industry, as I’ve been in it most of my life, so I knew to wanted to continue learning and growing within it. When I heard that there was an opportunity to move into brand work and I jumped at the occasion. I knew that this was the next step for me, and I wanted to explore it.”

When asked about his favorite thing about the work, Aidan answers, “It’s always been the people. Seeing other people’s passions always lights my own, and witnessing the patience and willingness to help and educate that nearly everyone in this industry demonstrates is always inspiring.”

When he’s not working behind the bar or representing Angel’s Envy in Montreal, Aidan enjoys music, reading and cooking. “I’m a big fan of baking and trying out new recipes at home.” Be sure to attend one of his events and introduce yourself. He’s a good person to know.