Like so many of us, Bonnie got started in the hospitality industry at a young age. “I began working in restaurants during high school. I wanted a sense of independence. I moved to Minneapolis from Oklahoma City in 2012 to attend the University of Minnesota. I started working in fine dining my junior year of college. I have an English Literature degree with a minor in Creative Writing.”

“From the age of 17 until I was 22, I pretty much exclusively worked as a host. I was great at it, but it lacked a certain creativity and challenge that I needed. I told my manager that I would do any other job in the building, I just wanted to learn something new. She suggested barbacking in the new craft cocktail concept our restaurant was opening. I picked up a jigger that first day of training and I have absolutely never looked back.”

Having found her passion in the industry, Bonnie explains what keeps her involved and engaged. “The Minneapolis-St. Paul bar community is very small and tight, and our USBG chapter is very active. Everyone is encouraging and excited to see what others are creating. On any given day I can find a fellow bartender to support.”

“My passion is stimulated by learning, always. There are just infinite histories, flavors, and innovations within the spirit world. It fuels my creative fire as well as my mental one. I think unpretentiously helping people try something new while simultaneously delighting them is the perfect recipe for happiness within the industry.”

When she’s not spreading her love of spirits and Angel’s Envy, Bonnie enjoys the culture of her city, as well as more reflective pursuits. “I love reading and creative writing; college didn’t ruin them for me by any means. I also enjoy design in my personal life and experiencing art of any kind. I often visit the Minneapolis Institute of Art and attend the opera and theatre when I can. I am very excited to attend the orchestra in their new hall in downtown Minneapolis.” Be sure to look for Bonnie at Angel’s Envy events in and around Minneapolis-St. Paul, and enjoy her remarkable hospitality.