Lindsay has been at the forefront of cocktail culture in Ohio for many years. “I started in the industry in 2009 in Dayton, Ohio and moved to Columbus in 2012 to work at a renowned craft cocktail bar of the Midwest. I managed there for around 5 years, moving on to open two restaurants and am now the beverage director of an upscale cocktail lounge located in downtown Columbus. I have continued my education at the Ohio State University in adolescent psychology with various classes on addiction.”

What initially caught Lindsay’s interest in spirits? “I started developing a passion for the spirits industry after joining the USBG and attending various seminars and trainings which turned to travel opportunities such as the Patron Hacienda and multiple trips to distilleries in Kentucky. I find the science, history and overall passion behind the spirit is what makes it so enthralling to continually learn about.”

And what keeps her interested now? “The industry itself is always evolving and reinventing programs and taking it in a more culinary-meets-chemistry-route, and I find it fascinating. Things that didn’t even seem possible to sell 10 years ago are popping up everywhere. I love the creativity that is constantly challenged and watching markets grow that previously were never on the map.”

She clearly remembers her first experience with Angel’s Envy. “I learned about Angel’s Envy when I first started in Columbus and was learning about our extensive backbar. One of the veteran bartenders spent a fair amount of time going through tastings and the history, and from there I kept it close as an easy sell because the product sold itself. My first impression was how rich yet complex it was, and the Rye was and still is my favorite on the market. It was my first experience with a Caribbean cask and I thought the extra touch was amazing.”

When she’s not working, Lindsay still likes to keep moving. “Outside of work, I am an avid runner and attend yoga often. I enjoy hiking, traveling and reading just about anything. I also enjoy cooking as well and learning more about the culinary world as much as possible.” Be sure to check out Lindsay’s events anytime you’re in Columbus, because she does some amazing things with Angel’s Envy.