Miranda studied at the University of Cincinnati, eventually shifting majors from a digital media focus to their business management program (with a minor in marketing). But how did she find her way behind the bar? “I got involved in the spirits industry through personal development interests. I was looking for a change at the age of 22 after working for many years for a professional jewelry designer. I wanted a social and creative outlet that got me out from behind a bench (to find comfort behind the stick). I started researching opportunities and found my way to bartending through many pushes from friends and family.”

Though she has may other interests and business opportunities, Miranda still finds a way to keep her hand in the game, “I stay involved and passionate within the industry by supporting my peers in their creativity. I love sitting down and having a conversation about new drink trends and emerging products. I value my field because it’s ever changing and never stagnate. People, opinions, taste, and innovation are the engine behind the driving force of my preferred industry. I couldn’t stay away if I tried—as far as flavor development goes, the possibilities are endless.”

She had her first taste of Angel’s Envy in Covington, Kentucky. “We were a wine and bourbon centered establishment, so Angel’s Envy was a perfect fit for our bar. I was in love at first sip! Angel’s Envy had everything that I wanted in a spirit. I can’t believe that I have the privilege to help educate and introduce others to our products.”

Miranda is typically involved in a great number of endeavors, so her free time is usually anything but. “In general, I enjoy making anything and everything with my hands. I’m still very involved in the creation of jewelry of all types. I’m a collector of minerals, crystals and semi-precious stones. I also try to escape to the woods as often as possible. Hiking, kayaking, and spending time with my pit bull Olive make me a happy lady in my downtime.” Look for Miranda at Angel’s Envy events around Cincinnati and northern Kentucky, and be sure to say hello! She’ll be happy to talk Angel’s Envy and whiskey with you.