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“Many enter the food and beverage industry without intending to stay and make it a career,” Megan explains. “I was one of those people when I started working in restaurants to pay for my tuition. At that point in my life, I was very passionate about teaching. My passions became divided after I was offered a position at a new craft cocktail bar. Learning how to make a proper Manhattan may seem trivial to some, but it has made so many opportunities available to me that I could never have imagined before. I don’t regret my degree because who knows where life will lead? In the meantime, I could not be more excited about my career in the bar industry.”

So what keeps Megan active and engaged in her work? “The spirits industry is forever innovating—there are constantly new products to explore, techniques to master and people to meet. I crave that sort of stimulation and interaction. But then again, it is a trade grounded in history, routine and structure. Interacting with passionate people keeps me passionate. And although some may be quick to criticize and misunderstand that passion for “drinking the Koolaid,” it’s also pretty easy to pick out the sincere from the imposters. That’s one of my favorite qualities of the beverage industries; genuine hospitality tends to sift out all of the fakers.”

Megan still remembers her initial experience with our whiskey fondly. “Angel’s Envy was poured at the first cocktail bar I tended. Everything I knew, I learned from the bottle. This may not seem like much knowledge to bestow, but it was certainly more empowering than most of the other bottles on the back bar. I loved introducing it to bourbon novices, like myself, and sharing the impact that the port wine cask finishing could create on the juice.”

When she’s not working, Megan likes the enjoys the simpler passions, “I love spending time with my family and friends. My time outside of work is usually spent with my loved ones, around a campfire, traveling, at the beach. I’ve got the travel bug something fierce, and subscribed to a dozen different airline tracking services. I’m looking forward to traveling to Cuba in the New Year.” Look for Megan at Angel’s Envy events around Charleston—she’s come so far since her first days behind the bar, but she still makes an exceptional Manhattan.