Originally from Phoenix, Arizona, Nick didn’t really plan on a career in the spirits industry. “I went to college to become an Environmental Engineer. I learned rather quickly that it wasn’t something that I wanted to pursue and decided to withdraw from college and start working full time. I began working in kitchens and fell in love with cooking. After a few years of that, I pursued my education at The Culinary Institute of America in New York.  During my latter years at the CIA, I began to shift more towards the hospitality and beverage side of the spectrum. When I graduated, I came to Boston and got a position in Kenmore Square, right outside of Fenway. Under the mentorship of Jackson Cannon, I learned what it is to be a hospitalian and how to mix a few drinks as well. After some years at that wonderful bar, I left and opened our sister restaurant in Harvard Square.”

We asked Nick what it was about the hospitality industry that continued to interest him. “This is an interesting profession that’s constantly in a state of controlled chaos. The people you meet, serve, and work with will be the most interesting people in your life. There’s never a dull moment and there is always some aspect to improve upon and seek more education about. It just requires the work and dedication to see it through. Transferring that knowledge to the guest and creating that service experience for them is very rewarding. That’s what it’s all about really, creating experiences for people to make them happy. Whether it’s the local, the drink, the food, or the company, this is what is going to make that lasting memory.”

His initial experience with Angel’s Envy was a favorable one. “When I took my first sip of Angel’s Envy, I thought that it was a great bourbon with subtle notes of warm spices, caramel, and it had a cool nutty quality. I learned more about it through working in the industry in Boston, and found that it had an honest and heartfelt story that I could get down with.”

When he’s not making his guests feel at home or representing Angel’s Envy around Boston, Nick finds quiet ways to relax at home and around the city. “I really love cooking at home and baking bread. I read a lot of fantasy books, as well as books related to the restaurant industry. I’m an outdoorsy person who goes on hikes when the weather in New England allows for it. I also love going out to restaurants to try new things.” Keep an eye out for Nick at Angel’s Envy events around the city and be sure to say hello. He’s a good man to know.