While some people gradually find their way into the industry, Phil Sutton is a trained professional. “I have a degree in hospitality and tourism. I’ve worked in the industry for over 12 years, which has included serving, bartending and managing. I have managed at a few small concepts as well as a couple of large concepts. I got into the spirits industry when I first started tending bar at a bowling alley as soon as I turned 21—even though I was already bartending at all family events and parties by that time.”

After 12 years, Phil knows exactly what he enjoys about his work. “What keeps me involved in this industry is that it is forever growing and changing, and I love to see myself evolve with my bartending techniques and craftsmanship. But I also love to see the guest palate evolve and change as we introduce them to new things.”

His first experience with Angel’s Envy was based on wordplay, but luckily, it worked out for everyone involved. “I first learned about Angels Envy several years ago when I came across a bottle at one of the bars I was working at. I thought the name was a great spin off the term the Angels’ share, which I had just recently learned about. The wittiness of the name was enough for me to pick up the bottle and give myself a little taste, and I was very impressed with the overall smoothness and complexity that the port cask added to my favorite spirit.”

When he’s not working, Phil’s still kind of working. “I love making bitters and shrubs and infusing bourbon, as well as collecting bourbon. The oldest in my collection of bourbon is a bottle of bourbon from 1949 and one from 1969. When I’m not behind the bar or drinking bourbon I’m most likely with my Cane Corso (Italian Mastiff) who is named after two bourbons—no lie—Angel Hayden. I can’t wait to get on the water with me this summer for some kayaking.” If you find yourself in Atlanta, keep an eye out for Phil at Angel’s Envy events around the city and be sure to introduce yourself. He’s a good man to know.