Kailonn Cooksey has worked in the hospitality industry for over 14 years. “From hosting, waiting tables and barbacking throughout my college career to working on the management team, I’ve been lucky enough to have a vast amount of different experiences within the industry. I’m currently slinging cocktails in Midtown Atlanta. I’d been a baby of the hospitality industry since my high school days, however, I acquired my first job behind the bar at 18 as a barback at an upscale downtown hotel in 2008. This was special because their bars were on the cusp of the rise of the evolving craft cocktail scene in Atlanta. Being exposed to so many amazing and cool things and techniques piqued my interest and I never looked back!”

What keeps Kailonn passionate about his work? “I love the ever-evolving and continuous growth that the food and beverage world provides. There’s always something new and always something to learn. I suppose those things are what keep me engaged the most. I also truly enjoy creating a memorable experience for someone by nature.”

His first experience with Angel’s Envy was on the job. “My first encounter was when I worked at a cigar bar here in Atlanta. We had someone from Angel’s Envy come and do a tasting and speak all about the bourbon and the processes they use. My trainer (now friend) expounded upon that knowledge, ensuring that I had a thorough understanding of the bourbon and why it was so unique. I thought it was very cool and loved the story behind the brand’s name.”

When he’s not behind the bar, you can usually find Kailonn at one of Atlanta’s many excellent music venues. “I love music, so one can always catch me at a concert or dancing to and with the best Atlanta DJs. I would also love to take up DJing as a hobby of my own later this year. I love to eat, drink, travel, and TRULY experience other cultures and their way of life. I also enjoy cooking and hosting friends and family when I have the time and freedom.” Be sure to look for Kailonn at future Angel’s Envy events in and around Atlanta. He’s a good person to know.