It’s with sore hands and stiff backs that we proudly announce that, as of this week, we’ve planted the first 2,200 of 6,670 white oak trees that we’ve pledged thanks to your support from 2016’s Toast the Trees. Our team met in a muddy field deep within Daniel Boone National Forest at the site of an old coal mining operation. We were joined by incredible teams from Green Forest Works, as well as The Arbor Day Foundation, and over the course of the morning and into the afternoon, we planted seedlings across three acres of freshly tilled soil.


Green Forest Works informed us that the tree planting’s survival rate could be as high as 70 to 90%. So, barring any unforeseen disasters, we’ve most likely converted a barren field and hillside into what, someday, will be a thriving forest, and that’s only the start. With 2/3rds of our white oak left to plant, we’ll work hard to reforest Daniel Boone State Park wherever it’s needed.


Of course, none of this would’ve been possible without the incredible support of our fans last September. Each year, we promise to plant an oak tree for every #AE4THETREES Angel’s Envy drink picture posted to social media to give back during National Bourbon Heritage Month. As a distillery, we use a lot of white oak barrels. So we believe that it’s only right to ensure that white oak populations are robust and healthy for future generations of bourbon drinkers. This April, we’ll plant nearly 7,000 white oak trees. But next September, you could help us plant so many more. Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to your pictures this September.