Limited Release

ANGEL’S ENVY Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Finished in Tawny Port Barrels

For the second release from our Cellar Collection, we selected our finest 10-year-old Kentucky straight bourbon and finished it in tawny port barrels for 10 months to create a uniquely complex, high-proof whiskey.



The mellow flavors from the 10-month finish in tawny oak barrels perfectly complements the complexity of our 10-year bourbon.
  • NOSE
    Dry fruit and oak
    Black pepper, toasted nuts, clove and delicate cinnamon spice with a hint of dried apricot
    Light and lingering, reminiscent of dried fruit dipped in dark chocolate

For our second rare and remarkable Cellar Collection release, we gave our oldest and finest bourbon a truly regal finish.

Angel's Envy

Creating a Masterpiece

We’re restless creators who respect and celebrate the bourbon tradition, but try not to shackle ourselves to it. We approach each spirit that we finish with a craftsman’s passion to experiment and improve.



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