Limited Release

ANGEL’S ENVY Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Finished in Oloroso Sherry Casks

Sometimes the best thing for a whiskey is to leave it alone. When we filled a handful of Oloroso sherry barrels, we didn’t mean to forget about them in a rickhouse, but that’s precisely what happened.



This spirit’s extended finishing period in our Oloroso barrels resulted in a remarkable sequence of flavors that are unlike any other whiskey.
  • NOSE
    Pleasantly sweet with noticeable hints of raisin and hazelnut
    Oak forward with a distinct dryness from the sherry, as well as heavy vanilla and caramel
    Shifts from sweetness to a pleasant, lingering floral finish

This rare expression is characterized by a dry richness and accented by surprising notes of caramel, vanilla and raisins.

Angel's Envy

Creating a Masterpiece

We’re restless creators who respect and celebrate the bourbon tradition, but try not to shackle ourselves to it. We approach each spirit that we finish with a craftsman’s passion to experiment and improve.



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