We’re big into pairing Angel’s Envy with delicious things. Whether it’s unexpected cocktail ingredients, tasty dishes or the right cigars, there’s an art and a science to finding the best flavor combinations. To understand where it all comes from, we would have to dig deeper into the history of our finish—wine. The entire concept of food and spirit pairing started with wine. While there’s certainly a rich and storied history between food and wine pairing, we’re whiskey people, and you probably are too. Historically, whiskey was seen as too bold and flavorful to pair well with foods, but lately, diners have been getting more adventurous, and chefs and bartenders have been working together to come up with some truly inspired pairings.

Historically, whiskey was seen as too bold and flavorful to pair well with food.

So how do you pair Angel’s Envy with food in the comfort of your own kitchen? For the purpose of this article, we’ll suggest the Angel’s Envy be served either neat or on the rocks. Bourbon, especially our bourbon finished in port barrels, is a little on the smoother side of the whiskey spectrum, which makes it generally easier to work with than Scotch. If you’re looking for cheeses, we recommend sharper varieties, like a nicely aged cheddar or an extra-aged Gouda. Try to avoid anything too mellow, like Brie or sheep milk cheeses.

When you’re choosing meats, always look for richer options like steak, pork tenderloin and (if you can find it) venison. With its deep and smoky flavors, barbecue is also an excellent choice. Angel’s Envy also works very well with cured meats and charcuterie plates. If you are craving chicken though, try to go as flavorful as possible. Fried chicken is a classic, and if you like a little heat, try a spicy mole sauce. The rich, dark chocolate notes will play very well with Angel’s Envy. Unless they’re served with a particularly flavorful sauce, try to avoid meats—like tilapia or chicken breast—that Angel’s Envy will overpower.

Pairing should be fun and you shouldn’t overthink things.

For desserts, we’re big fans of complementary flavors. Anything with caramel, vanilla, ripe fruit or maple syrup flavors can bring out those same notes in Angel’s Envy, making for an unforgettable experience. We’re not looking for any bold clashes by dessert, we just want everything to get along nicely. Always remember, pairing should be fun and you shouldn’t overthink things. It’s all a matter of taste and tastes will always differ. And if you find an amazing flavor combination, let us know. We love to try new things.