2 oz ANGEL'S ENVY Bourbon Finished in Port Wine Barrels

1 oz lemon juice

1 oz sugar syrup

Ice cubes


  • Tools: cocktail shaker
  • Glass: sour glass
  • Garnish: cherry
  • Pour the Angel's Envy, lemon juice and sugar syrup into a cocktail shaker with ice cubes.
  • Shake well.
  • Strain into a chilled sour glass.
  • Garnish with a cherry.

More Info

A lot of British sailors lost a lot of teeth before someone figured out that adding lime juice to rum rations prevented scurvy. Turns out the nearly everyone, sailor or otherwise, enjoyed mixing lemon or lime juice with spirits, and so the sour was born.

The whiskey sour is one of the oldest cocktails around, having been described by Jerry Thomas in his 1862 book The Bon Vivant’s Companion or How to Mix Drinks. While there are many variations of this drink, it’s remained largely unchanged over the centuries. Made with bourbon or whiskey, a sour is essentially spirit, lemon or lime juices and a sweetener. It’s also not uncommon to mix in a little egg white.