Senior Management Team

Marc Bushala - President, CEO

Marc is a serial entrepreneur with extensive experience in creating and building businesses throughout the United States and Europe in the marketing services, real estate, food and beverage, media and entertainment sectors. Marc’s background in property development includes residential, industrial and commercial properties, as well as asset management. He oversaw the development, marketing and leasing of several of the first modern office buildings developed in Central and Eastern Europe from 1990 to 1994. Marc maintains an active portfolio of investments in commercial properties. 

In 2009, Marc founded MAB Capital Management, a closely held private equity group that invests in commercial real estate and early stage businesses. He serves as the CEO of a spirits company called Angel Share Brands, which owns the critically acclaimed Angel’s Envy Bourbon, Cask Strength and Angel’s Envy Rye, created by legendary Master Distiller, Lincoln Henderson. 

Samira Seiller - Managing Director

For over 15 years, Samira Seiller has excelled in the liquor industry. She is currently the Managing Director for Angel’s Envy and the Louisville Distilling Company. She’s responsible for marketing, PR development, and strategic and local market executional plans for Angel’s Envy.

Before Angel’s Envy, she served as Senior VP for Altamar Brands, where she was directly accountable for brand development strategy. Prior to that, she worked as Senior Marketing Director for Beam Global Spirits & Wine, Regional Marketing Director at Brown-Forman, and Associate Brand Manager at Schefflin and Somerset. She earned her degree from Pace University.

Wes Henderson - Master Ambassador, Chief Innovation Officer

As a small, independent distillery in a field of giants, Louisville Distilling Company requires excellent representation in order to stand out. As Grand Brand Ambassador, Wes Henderson provides the clear and enthusiastic voice that the company needs. Under his guidance, Angel’s Envy is expanding quickly.

Before he co-founded Louisville Distilling Company with Lincoln, Wes served as CEO for Master Distiller Select LLC, where he was additionally responsible for distilled spirits consulting services. Before that, he was the President and CEO of Conecuh Ridge Distillery — a brand that enjoyed favorable mainstream recognition. He received his education from the College of Aeronautics at the Florida Institute of Technology.

Kyle Henderson - Production Manager

The youngest member of the family business, Kyle Henderson is every bit as dedicated to Angel’s Envy as the first two generations. In addition to finishing his Bachelor’s of Science in Chemistry at the University of Louisville, he currently works as Angel’s Envy’s Processing and Bottling Manager. In his spare time, he serves as one of Kentucky’s Guardians, promoting the spirit throughout its home state. Kyle is ambitious, a quick study and eager to learn from his family’s lifetime of bourbon experience.

While processing and bottling Angel’s Envy, it’s Kyle’s responsibility to taste each batch to ensure flavor, monitor the port finishing, bottle each batch and ensure Lincoln’s legacy of quality. Kyle deeply appreciated the opportunity to learn on the job with Lincoln Henderson. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting Angel’s Envy, you’ll know that Kyle is doing excellent work.

Steve Cole - Field Marketing Director

As Angel’s Envy expands into new markets and Guardians increasingly represent the brand in cities around the world, one person must unite them all. Steve Cole is the best man for the job. Once known as Master of Whiskey and (the) Whiskey Professor, Steve joined Angel’s Envy as the Director of Marketing. Under his watch, the field teams’ voice, presence and message for the brand is both bold, yet approachable.

As a special events manager and bartender in Chicago, Steve spent years spreading the gospel of bourbon. At Angel’s Envy, he’s found his true calling. A proud native of Chicago, Steve is now based in San Diego. From there, he spreads the word of Angel’s Envy across the country.

Kevin Curtis - Distillery Operations Manager

For years, Kevin has been a close friend of the Henderson family. He first met Lincoln at Brown Forman. He had graduated with a biology degree and no real idea about what he wanted to do. A friend helped him find a job in Research and Development at Brown Forman, and after a year of being a “lab rat,” he was selected and trained to serve as the Operations Manager for Woodford Reserve.  From 1996 until 2009, Kevin oversaw the restoration of the facility, distilling, warehousing, processing, bottling and facility maintenance. It was during this time that he worked closely with Lincoln Henderson.

Now that Kevin has joined Angel’s Envy, he’ll be working get the new distillery up and running as quickly as possible. The brand has also acquired the old Yellowstone Distillery warehouse on 10 acres of land, which will allow for two new barrelhouses. Once the new facilities are operational, Kevin will work daily to ensure that quality whiskey is barreled long enough for great whiskey to be put in bottles.

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