Joe Nelson explored many different paths before finding his calling. At 23 he bought into several franchise restaurants. He eventually sold them to tour in a series of bands around the country. To this day, he continues to pursue his interests in photography, videography, music and bartending, keeping his hand in the industry by working behind the stick at The Continental.

Luckily for Angel’s Envy, his variety of experiences has made him a perfect fit for the small, independent brand. Joe has been a Whiskey Guardian for over three years, and in that time, he’s gone far above and beyond any reasonable job description. His enthusiasm and bourbon knowledge have greatly contributed to spreading Angel’s Envy throughout the Chicago area. Joe explains, “Angel’s Envy is the perfect example of not just stopping at great, but creating something better. I feel like we’re making history.”

He’s been with the brand for a long time, and has been hugely influential with our success throughout Chicago. If Angel’s Envy needs a bartender, an impromptu photo shoot, or even a television personality, Joe has been there for us. Look for him at Angel’s Envy events around Chicago, Wednesday nights at The Continental, or occasionally on TV.

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