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Want to know more about where we source our ingredients, how to combat palette fatigue or whether we’ve noticed a difference in our white dog since we started milling on site? We’ll be pleased to answer these questions – and yours. Join in our conversation.

being part of the bourbon conversation, for us, means sharing when we have something really important or really cool to say

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Whiskey Conversations
with the Henderson Family

  • Kyle Henderson

    At Angel’s Envy, whiskey is a family tradition. Kyle shares how he learned the craft of whiskey tasting from his grandfather and father, and invites you to learn alongside him.

  • Andrew Henderson

    Lead Distillery Operator Andrew Henderson shares what he values the most about his role, the importance of selecting quality grains and the barrel aging process.

  • Wes Henderson

    Wes shares what excites him about Angel’s Envy and future innovation.

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Live Whiskey Conversations
with Wes Henderson