Brooke grew up in Indianapolis, where she lived until just recently, when she and her husband moved to New York. While she studied design and journalism, she eventually discovered a love for bartending. “I began running a sports bar and the program behind it. It showed me a deeper involvement and what I was truly great at. I was lucky enough to get involved with the USBG, becoming their Social Media director and partnering for most of the educational seminars and events. My involvement comes from a deep love of this industry. I genuinely love talking to people and finding exactly what they are looking for at that moment, whether a fantastic curated drink or just a new friend to talk to. Creating an environment of welcoming and unyielding hospitality is the whole basis of my job. What keeps me passionate is the guest experience and the education behind the spirits. I love that this industry is ever evolving. Everyone is always pushing for more and the next step. It’s become such a community making us all aware we are not alone and if there is a struggle, there is always help within reach.”

She remembers her first experience with Angels Envy. “I first learned about Angel’s Envy when a good friend of mine began to work for them, as it had just come to the market. She would go around buying it at the few places where it was available and I’d come along to help her talk about it. At first, we were all a bit standoffish. Being from the Midwest traditional bourbon whiskey is a way of life. A year or so later, we had “At Cost” bottles to educate the public without breaking the bank. We featured Angel’s Envy and educated as we sold it. We also regularly sold out. It quickly became a house favorite.”

When she’s not working, even Brooke’s hobbies reflect her work ethic. “I was a makeup artist for a few years and it has remained one of my favorite interests. I only do it for myself and a few friends but it’s another industry of ever changing ability, I view it as an art form and a constant way to express myself. I also love playing board games with my husband and friends. It seems silly to some but it’s such a great way to get people together that’s not at the usual restaurant or bar. Burlesque and the vintage style is a big part of my life, so many friends are performers and I love going to see their acts.” Look for Brooke at Angel’s Envy events around New York, and be sure to talk whiskey with her.