Born and raised in Minneapolis, Darrin started his teenage years canoeing up in the Boundary Waters of northern Minnesota, and he’s been hooked ever since. Still, he wanted to be able to capture and share his love of the outdoors. “I bought my first SLR camera a few years later and fell in love with photography while being out in the woods. I studied digital photography throughout high school and spent two years at a community tech college learning. Eventually, I left school to live in India with some cameras and only a few contacts. When I returned home, I dove back into the restaurant industry, and my intrigue with the craft cocktail movement has been growing ever since. I strive to keep learning. It feels like the more I learn, the less I realize I truly know.”

Darrin was happy to share what keeps him passionate about his work, “Everything we do in this industry is for the ultimate goal of making someone happy. As a bartender, I want to create delicious drinks that will enhance a guest’s experience. Whether that’s someone’s first venture with a Boulevardier, or an extravagant Tiki mocktail for the driver of the group, we’re in the business of creating experiences. I count myself lucky that making people’s days better is the core philosophy of my job.”

I count myself lucky that making people’s days better is the core philosophy of my job

He fondly remembers his first experience with Angel’s Envy. “I first learned about Angel’s Envy while in Boston years ago. I was chatting with the bartender about bourbon, and he grabbed a bottle of Angel’s Envy and poured us both a shot. Hospitality at its finest. It was mellow, went down a bit too easy, and a perfect way to end the night.”

When he’s not working, Darrin escapes to the wilderness. “I’m an avid outdoorsman. Hiking, canoeing and camping have been a large part of my life growing up. Minnesota has such a beautiful landscape, and staying active in the winter months is a must. Snowboarding, sledding, and river walks keep me busy. This past summer I took my motorcycle around Lake Superior and hammock camped along the way.” When he’s not exploring the wilds of Minnesota, look for Darrin at Angel’s Envy events around Minneapolis and St. Paul—it will be time well spent.